How much I earned as developer writer on Medium

Here’s the recap of my earnings after two months of writing technical articles on Medium. To be precise, I wrote 36 articles on the topic of Javascript Basics. The first article was published at the end of June and the last one so far was published at the end of July. On average, I published one article per day, although at least in the beginning, I published three at a time. That is the maximum limit to publish on Medium in one day.

Nice thing was that I did not spend too much time per article, because I already had the whole text prepared for the original purpose, which was creating youtube videos. Articles were just an extra option for cross-promotion. I am not so sure about the success rate of my attempt, but who doesn’t try, doesn’t succeed.

Another nice thing was that after I started publishing first articles, I was contacted by multiple publishers willing to share my articles in their publications. I chose one of the first ones that contacted me and seemed like a decent choice. Again, I am not sure how much it improved my views and number of people who read my articles, but I stuck with my initial choice until the end of the series. For the better or for worse. Who knows.

Ok, but that’s enough chit chat. You want to know the figures. Exact figures and nothing else. So for the month of June, I earned a whopping $0.19 USD and for July it was $1.34. So all in all, I made almost 2 dollars in the last two months. If it goes like this, I will be able to buy a donut and a coke in a year. Nice.

So to summarize, I can’t say I got rich, but I did not die trying either. I am no way near my goal of retiring in some tropical paradise from my earnings from writing. But nothing is lost — there’s still time. Until then — see you soon.



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Jakub Korch

Jakub Korch

Web enthusiast, programmer, husband and a father. Wannabe entrepreneur. You name it.